Apache Steel Works, one of the best Flame and HD-Plasma Cutting companies in Houston, strives to exceed all customer’s expectations. With vast access to multiple services, we offer a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” concept on.


Our Oxyfuel machines cut steel plates into whatever shape the customer may need. We have the capacity to cut up to 14” thick. We can also flame cut your forgings to shape.line

HD-Plasma Cutting

Cutting up to ½” thick material for the most optimum quality cut. Depending on the material type we can cut up to 1” thick. Best HD-Plasma Cutting Service in Houston!line


We have a lot of experience in manufacturing quality parts and repair work for a variety of industries; we can handle machining and fabrication job almost of any size. 


We can fabricate any size structure. We serve most industrial markets including: Oilfield, Petrochemical, Offshore, Power Plant, Subsea and more. We are in the Houston Area! 

Additional Services:                                              

RollingFormingBeveling & Grinding

24/7 Emergency service:  ask your sales agent for more details.